CW Cricket World Wooden International Standard Size Complete Stumps Set with Heavy Duty Spring Stand Base (Cream White)


● Cricket world complete cricket set including wooden stumps + wooden bails + heavy duty iron spring stand
● Product manufactured in are own company with selected material . Heavy duty spring stand base
● Two wooden bails wooden stumps,with iron base,and springs attached to the wickets ,along with the stand two bails are provided

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Set up your game with cricket world “CW complete wooden stump spring stand set . Natural solid wooden made this cricket stump set perfect for city, academy, club matches cricket games. In this set we are providing high grade natural wooden made 3 stumps , 2 bails , one heavy duty iron base spring stand to hold the full setup. Easy to set these complete pack . The spring back function saves time without the need to put the stumps back into the ground. The stumps come with bails and the CW branding completes the look. Whole this set is designed durable material to keep work this for last long in the field. Spring stand is iron material made which standard heavy to hold the stumps without moving them easily when ball hits them. Due to its heavy base its easy to set on any type of field.wooden stumps attached with spring stand. So when you receive your order you just need to un-pack your product and its ready to play. One order this product you will get one complete cricket wicket stump spring stand set.