Pace MH+

Features of Pace MH+ Cricket Bowling Machine

  • Specially designed & balanced dual PU coated aluminium wheels for maximum ball control.
  • Power Supply: 220V, AC.
  • Manual Adjustment for Line & Length.
  • Throw accurate balls up to 155 KMPH with variable speed control.
  • Extremely fast wheel recovery time.
  • Easy to transport and install.
  • Quick and easy speed adjustment.
  • Portable and easy to move and set up can be done easily.
  • Robust and Heavy Duty Structure
  • Very useful for Professional players
  • Can Deliver all type of Bowling Variation like In-swing, Out-Swing, Spin, york.
  • Best for Professional, School, Academies and Resorts.
  • Well Balanced Quadra Pod stand with Brake Wheels for easy movement of machine.
  • Full Coach safety Guard.
  • Audio Visual Indicator (Optional)
  • Robust and SS made beautiful Structure.




PACE MH+ Cricket Bowling Machine at MPOWER Cricket Academy:-