SG Club Wicket Keeping Gloves (Color May Vary)


● This pair is made from high quality material with a natural cup and palm design
● High quality all-leather palm
● Pvc back and cuffs
● Made from high quality PVC cuffs
● Rubber grip in palm facing
● Cloth lining in the cuffs
● Color May Vary

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About SG: T20. Power play. Pinch hitters. Cricket is changing and quick. Astride with this change, SG – India’s largest and most trusted cricket gear manufacturer – has a new face-vibrant, youthful and energetic. And yet, with the promise of the same world-class quality in these changing times. At SG, believing is the first step…towards becoming!
Product Features: Ultimate Wicket Keeping Gloves made of super flexible durable material and well fitting protection provides unique catching cup & durable finger wear protection chambers. These gloves are not only durable but also comfortable. Perfect fit and grip. Made from long lasting, high quality material.

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Adult, Small Junior