SG ‘Everlast’ Synthetic Cricket Leather Ball – Pack of 5


● Everlast is a synthetic weather proof polyurethane ball with the exact weight and size specifications of a regular cricket ball
● Everlast also has the replica seam to aid in practice
● SOA technology
● Bounce and hardness similar to a regular cricket ball
● Perpetual shape and colour retention

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Bright and Easy to Spot

The SG Everlast cricket ball is the ideal cricket ball for young players who are just getting started or are playing at an intermediate level. You can quickly fine tune bowling skills with the SG cricket training ball. It has a hardness and bounce similar to regularly used cricket balls and provides you an exciting playing session. This cricket ball incorporates SOA technology and has a bright red colour. It is distinctly visible to the eye and can be easily spotted in the air and on the cricket field.

Sturdily Built for Extreme Use

This SG Everlast cricket training ball uses polyurethane, a molecule that makes the ball weather proof. This ball can be used during the rainy season, in dusty weather conditions and bowled against moist, hard surfaces. Its shape and bounce is similar to standard cricket balls, giving you a realistic playing experience. The ball is also sturdy and would provide long usage during practice sessions in the nets without wearing out easily. Additionally, it won’t cause any damage to your bat when it hits its surface. The SG cricket ball also features a replica steam that makes it look similar to a regular cricket ball.

    • Brand: SG

    • Sport: Cricket
    • Intended for: Beginner and intermediate level
    • Technology used: SOA
    • Colour: Red
    • Material: Synthetic
    • SOA technology
    • Water resistantce: Yes
    • Regular cricket ball bounce and hardness
    • Replica seam
    • Prevents damage to cricket bat