SG iball with Cord, Adult


● PVC ball with a cord
● Helps the batsman in practicing and mastering hand eye co-ordination
● Material: Synthetic
● Water resistant

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From the manufacturer

iBall with Cord by SG- For the Dedicated Sportsman!

The iBall with cord is used by cricketers for hand-eye coordination. It has a cord attached to it. It is made of synthetic material. It has an attractive logo which enhances the spirit of the cricketers and is quite portable, making it easy for sportsmen to carry it around.

Important Features

  • SG brand logo
  • Portable

PVC Ball

The ball is made of PVC material. PVC is polyvinylchloride which is strong and elastic, and dries quickly, making it a perfect candidate for admission in the sports equipment segment.

Cord Attached

The iBall has a cord attached to it. It helps the batsman in practising and mastering hand-eye coordination.

Synthetic Material

The iBall is made of material which is synthetic in nature.