SG VS 319 Spark Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat, Short Handle (Color May Vary)


● Size: Short handle
● Willow: Kashmir willow
● Weight: 1.3 kilograms
● Imported Saravak cane handle
● Thick edges and curved blade
● Full length bat cover with adjustable strap
● Bat weight:1160-1210 gms
● Grains: Suuny tonny and above- 9-12,Below suuny tonny upto seira 5-8
● Color May Vary

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Long Lasting Design

This traditionally designed SG VS 319 cricket bat has been built to be extremely stable while playing shots. It has been made with Kashmir willow, which is known for its durability and long lasting characteristics. These bats are ideal for beginners and those who are new to the game. Along with offering you effortless pickup, this bat will retain its original shape and style even after many hours of batting. This SG Kashmir willow cricket bat lets you maintain excellent balance and stability even when you hit the ball with maximum power.

Perfect to Execute Powerful Strokes

Crafted for striking with ease, this SG VS 319 Spark Kashmir willow cricket bat is designed with a thick edge that provides extra support as you hit the cricket ball. Apart from this, it also features a curved blade enabling you to deliver powerful shots easily. The short handle of this SG cricket bat is made from the sturdy Saravak cane, enhancing its durability. Its design ensures effortless batting stroke play and helps you hit your favourite shots with ease. This bat comes with a full length cover with an adjustable strap to protect it from getting damaged.

  • Brand: SG
  • Sport: Cricket
  • Blade Material: Premium Kashmir willow
  • Weight: 1.3kg
  • Traditional shape and style
  • Handle type: Saravak cane
  • Adult short handle
  • Full length bat cover with adjustable strap included