Smart Knock Automatic


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  • Fully Automatic Bat Feeding Mechanism to eliminate operator thrust.
  • Automatic Knock counter with functionality to  set up desired input knocks.
  • Buzzer Alarm on completion of  Knocking.
  • Fully functional on auto and Manual mode.
  • Robust, Heavy Duty and Beautiful Structure of Machine.
  • Adjustable Pressure Setting to adjust the Knocking hammer
  • Desired particular portion can also be knocked in auto or manual mode as required.
  • Flexibility of using season ball, nylon hammer & wooden mallet for knocking with very easy changeover mechanism.
  • First of its kind in world a true “fully automatic knocking in machine”.
  • Low power consumption with advanced electronic features.
  • Backed with design and development team of highly qualified personals.

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Weight300 kg